Sunday, 20 November 2011

Brand and type of implant

1. Hollow circular implant. Less is more clinical.

2. Leafy implant. Leafy implants after tooth loss is mainly used for cultivation. According to parts missing teeth, the number of missing teeth, alveolar bone morphology and local design into a variety of implants; general use is made of pure titanium, they can have a style or two-stage two. Mainly applied to the blade-like bone or insufficient alveolar bone height.

The main advantage of leafy implant is less implantation dental equipment damage bone, and bone contact area is large, thin leaves, after implantation, bone thick buccal lingual support, good stability, with the need for special parts can be design flexibility.

3. Spiral implant. There are two kinds of conical and cylindrical, in which the more common cylindrical. The most common material is made ​​of pure titanium or titanium-based structure, surface treatment with the current bio-ceramic coating, bio-oxidation process and also increases bone morphogenetic protein (BMP). There are different forms of the Medical pigment teeth whitening teeth farewell surface structure of threads, or holes, or grooves, to increase the contact area with the bone or to prevent reverse rotation of the implant.

Spiral-type implant with one end and two side-style points, but the former has now basically do not; the latter obviously the basic structure, need second surgery, an interval of 3 to 6 months, the best long-term effects have been confirmed . Representative and internationally recognized best Branemark implant is now used in our country are based on these implants improved.

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