Tuesday, 1 November 2011

How do whitening agent

Done whitening whitening agent for the consumer is no stranger to natural. With the emphasis on the deepening of their own health, since many consumers are concerned about the safety of whitening agent problem.

Experts said that in the whitening process, the whitening agent is bound to surgery being used as a tool. For the safety of whitening agents, many of the clinical practice has proved that surgery whitening tooth bleaching agents used in pulp and no damage to the gums, under the guidance of the dentist teeth bleaching is safe. In clinical trials, there have also been set whitening surgery, the patient swallowed some of the various reasons bleach. However, drug concentrations and doses by the dental equipment child is very limited, still no toxic reactions were reported.

Of course, experts say, does not rule out surgical operations in the whitening process, some patients will be sensitive teeth, dental discomfort and other side effects with the stimulation. In this case, as long as the dentist further to give the right guidance, or shorten treatment time, to continue the whitening tooth bleaching to the end of treatment, the symptoms will disappear, whitening can also achieve good results.

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