Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Inflammation does not pull wisdom teeth pulled

My wisdom teeth out long before the age of 26, but looks Waiqiniuba, but every few days on the inflammation of the throat, I want to unplug it, I heard that the formation of four weeks to pull wisdom teeth loose teeth, inflammation can pull wisdom teeth if I ask it?

If only part of the eruption of wisdom teeth wisdom teeth can lead to the growth of forward tilt, which is inflammation of the surrounding tissue crown sparked a major reason, while lying flat, the growth of the teeth more easily aroused adjacent teeth caries, crowns on repeated four or already sparked sparked caries of adjacent teeth wisdom teeth, removal of general ideas as soon as possible, removal of wisdom teeth will not form around the teeth too much.

However, under the following conditions must be cautious removal of wisdom teeth:

1. No showing off pericoronitis wisdom teeth removed can not rush, but be sure to check regularly.

2. If the first or second molar tooth needs to do dentures, it is best to ask the doctor to see if I can no longer be righting a good alternative to missing teeth Dental Tips wisdom teeth, so teeth can be preserved incomplete.

3. When the dental needs correction, removal of the back teeth, it is best to not pulling wisdom teeth.

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