Monday, 8 August 2011

How to determine the oral tumors?

Note that regular oral self-examination in case of suspected problems, timely treatment, and further examination to confirm the diagnosis.

The main form of oral cancer for the mass, the surface of the tumor can be observed deep within the tumor or jaw may be due to bulging and to touch, or for left-right asymmetry was found, generally grow faster, a short time can grow to large.

Oral cancer there is a large part of the performance of ulcers, infiltrative growth, ulcers can touch base and around the lump, the edge bulge, irregular, intermediate Dental Tips depression, depression of the granular surface of the small lump, covered with necrotic tissue, general pain or irritation pain, may have a spontaneous violation of nerve pain.

Occurred in the jaw of oral cancer due to destruction of alveolar bone, loose teeth can appear, shift, bleeding gums and other symptoms; as cancer growth, oppression and violations of the nervous, there will be corresponding neurological symptoms.

Within the mandible of cancer, early symptoms may be severe and persistent pain and lower lip numbness, etc.; maxillary or maxillary sinus cancer, early symptoms may be numbness of the face or upper teeth feel.

As the rapid development of oral cancer, violation of chewing muscles, temporomandibular joint, can cause sheets closed movement is limited, difficult.

More common for the early symptoms of oral cancer, but not necessarily there must be more than symptoms of oral cancer, we must be vigilant. Once found, treatment should be checked immediately, so as to achieve early detection, early diagnosis.

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