Monday, 1 August 2011

Babies "horse teeth" can not pick

Some people put some of neonatal white dots on the gums is called "Maya", and some older people call it "ghost teeth", that it is unlucky, use the needle prick, or with a cloth to wipe . Result, the oral mucosa of neonatal break, often lead to inflammation. Some people do not pick the horse teeth that would prevent future teeth. This is no scientific basis.

Neonatal gums or palate will be the size of the white round bean particles, ranging from the number, rather hard, in fact this is not the teeth, but made a keratosis teeth, mucosal epithelial cells is due to accumulation of beads, over weeks will be off on their own. So do not pick Dental Tips to stab or rubbing with a soft cloth. Since it is often due to pick the "horse teeth" cause stomatitis, and even lead to sepsis. If the "horse teeth" too much, too large, children can be expressed as shaking his head, irritability, poor feeding or nipple biting, crying and so on, to the extent of affecting the infant feeding, when to go to the hospital dentist treatment, parents do not handle, to prevent infection.

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