Thursday, 28 July 2011

The etiology of oral ulcers

To distinguish between symptoms, recurrent oral ulcers can be divided into three cases, one is more serious types of mouth ulcers for more than a centimeter in diameter, the other is less than one centimeter in diameter ulcers of the small type. There is also a mouth ulcer, there will be similar to oral herpes blisters appear, the herpes blisters appear.

Reasons for the incidence of oral ulcers, the medical profession still has no agreed conclusions. Some scholars believe that this is a by viral or bacterial infection. Some think this is an autoimmune system diseases. From a clinical point of view, will lead to mouth ulcers for many reasons, such as stress, allergies, endocrine. In fact, to the hospital for treatment of disease of patients with emotional deterioration. They generally have a life is stressful, promotion pressure, emotional distress before onset of frustration and other factors. Therefore, in order to avoid the disease, first effectively Dental Tips ease the pressure. Have not learned to effectively regulate their emotions, vulnerable to outside influence and mental stress than young women suffering from this disease is not surprising.

Because of this frequent recurrence of oral ulcers is very trouble so often. Unfortunately. Still not a very effective treatment material, generally only relieve itself. In general, ulcers appear after 3-5 days is feeling the most pain phase, after which the symptoms will gradually improve until eventually recovered. If the pain is unbearable, you can interface with a number of fungicides, mouth ulcers and cream with vitamin B, C and so on. Because no other complications generally do not have to worry about it, if not heal for weeks to the hospital is necessary to rule out the possibility of other diseases.

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