Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Very important to brush your teeth before going to bed

Human metabolism slows down during sleep, reduced saliva secretion, saliva on dental erosion and re-mineralization, the antimicrobial effect of lysozyme in saliva, etc. will be weakened. If the tooth surface, a lot of residual food residues, will be as cariogenic bacteria provide conditions for breeding, so be sure to properly brush your teeth before going to bed. Often drink tea, tea fluoride mouthwash have a preventive effect of nutrients for the human body, many studies have shown that fluoride on teeth and bone of normal development and mineralization is required. Fluorine can improve the dental hard tissues of the anti-acid ability of the cariogenic bacteria can inhibit reproduction. Higher levels of fluoride in tea, so tea and gargle with tea effects of dental caries prevention can be achieved. Daily brushing can also use fluoride toothpaste. But the body can also cause excessive intake of fluoride Dental Tips fluorosis, skeletal fluorosis, dental fluorosis, etc., so fluoride preparations under the guidance of a doctor to use.

Pit and fissure caries prevention of pit and fissure

Fissure caries is a good site. Permanent teeth of young children Tong Gangmeng fissure thin, deep, easy to accumulate food, easy to clean, prone to fissure caries. Pit and fissure sealant is used by doctors to just up and erupted young permanent teeth sealant to prevent food and plaque accumulation, isolated risk factors to prevent the occurrence of fissure caries. Prone to cause excessive drinking carbonated drinks and caries.

Dietary habits and dental caries also has a close relationship, large quantities of drinking carbonated beverages, may result in tooth demineralization of caries susceptibility. Before going to bed a lot of drinking, alcohol breakdown in the stomach, fermentation, produce large amounts of acid gases, with the breath to reach the mouth, will result in dissolution of tooth hard tissue surface. Therefore, long-term excessive drinking were also susceptible to dental caries. In addition, infant bottle dangling from his sleep, prone to "baby bottle caries." Drink or drink dairy products before going to bed and do not brush your teeth after eating snacks, is also very susceptible to dental caries. Therefore, a good diet and oral hygiene habits are the basis for the prevention of dental caries.

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