Friday, 8 July 2011

The baby's mouth reflex

Infant feeding in fact, is the infant's reflex process. It consists of exploring reflection, lips reflex, sucking reflex and swallowing reflex composed of four processes. These four reflection process is complete the entire feeding the baby moves, when contact with the lips with the nipple, the baby's head will move around to find the location of nipple (exploration reflection); to find the nipple, the baby will open his mouth, before the tongue, making sucking movements (lips reflection); Volume latch nipple with his tongue, sucking nipple, out of milk (sucking reflex); milk aspiration after swallowing and milk into the esophagus, stomach (swallowing reflex ). This baby food is a natural reflex is a biological Dental Tips instinct. It is for the baby's healthy development is of great significance.

Tongue tie on shortening deformity in children after surgery, doctors asked the parents to conventional surgery for Shenshe training. As the younger, children can not understand Shenshe training. Then we let the parents of children with a finger placed on the lip, the lips of children made immediately reflected, mouth Shenshe, Shen training naturally complete.

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