Monday, 25 July 2011

Alleviate bruxism method

To remove the teeth at night, remove the key inducing factor. First, we must always take part to mold character, encouraged by the fighting, encouraging the spirit of cultural activities, physical activity, enhance physical fitness, maintaining optimism, reduce stress, pay attention to work and rest, increased nutrition.

To have oral, dental disease, gastrointestinal disorders, and intestinal worm disease should be actively treated. In addition to a variety of ways to get rid of stress, emotional stability, it can also apply the following simple methods to alleviate bruxism:

1, the orange peel washed into the sugar water Dental Tips for five days, every night before going to bed to eat a tangerine peel, ate three or four days.

2, every night before going to bed about 5 cm square to eat a raw orange peel, brown sugar, water delivery, the ate couple of days.

3, reed rhizome 50 grams a day soaked with drink, which can effectively alleviate the adult bruxism.

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