Wednesday, 13 July 2011

What a small recipe to solve a toothache?

1, the real fire toothache: two taking a dip in pepper white wine 1 10, 10 minutes to remove the pepper, the wine in your mouth affected area, Li toothache.

2, Wind & Fire toothache (including tooth pain): baking soda (or water base) 2 grams of honey into a paste with a cotton ball dipped after the bite the pain, 1 2 times a day, one day cure.

3, periodontitis, gingivitis: with equal amount of egg white mix all, drink in the mouth, spit it out 5 minutes, 1, 2 (1, 1 egg) 2 to 3 days firefighting pain and healing .

4, white pepper 10 research into the end, add white wine into a paste, four times on the tooth cavity.

5, take the hive amount, plus the amount of pure alcohol, ignition and combustion, to be black and gray honeycomb firing when applied to the teeth with a finger dipped in black and gray, usually 4 to 5 minutes to relieve pain.

6, take 1 to 2 Liushen, pestle placed on the teeth gum, 5 to 10 minutes once a day, usually no more than 3 times.

7, to take on cup white wine 100 grams, plus 10 grams of Dental Tips salt mixing, such as salt, melted, plus open fire, a little cooling, including the one in the place of pain (do not swallow), pain will stop immediately .

8, pulpitis, periodontitis, toothache: the garlic mash, warm, and topical pain at.

9, false fire toothache: sugar 100 grams, water bowl, place the pot into a bowl, once served, twice a day. There is heat annealed toothache effect.

10, the wind insects toothache: single head of garlic peeled and let simmer on the stove hot, hot cut, outside the iron hurts, garlic cold and back several consecutive weeks effective.

11, anti-inflammatory analgesic: vinegar 120 g, 6 g pepper with water to cook on, let cool, rinse several times, can be anti-inflammatory pain.

12. Bactericidal pain: Take appropriate amount of smashed garlic, warm enough in the points can relieve pain pulpitis, periodontitis, and pain and other symptoms.

13, inhibitory pain: the MSG with warm water according to the ratio of 1:50 of the open mouth then spit it out while the solution containing MSG. This successive adhere to two days after the pain will disappear.

14, yang pain: pain when you can cut a small piece of ginger bite the pain, when necessary, can be reused.

15, heat pain Liushen take 1 to 2 tablets, crushed placed on the gums, teeth suffering from 5 to 10 minutes once a day, usually no more than 3 times.

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