Sunday, 24 July 2011

Oral ulcers in patients with attention to three points

Pathogen infection

Recently the medical profession through clinical and immunological studies, that the pathogen as a virus infection, mouth ulcers caused by two viruses were human cytomegalovirus and EB virus (African lymphoma virus, a herpes virus); including human cytomegalovirus latent virus in the blood cells of T lymphocytes, EB virus is latent in B lymphocytes in the blood, once cold, emotional stress, physical fatigue or lack of energy, poor immunity, the virus will attack.

Medical research also found that these viruses are of primary virus, infected people are present when the body, hidden in the blood vessels under the skin and in the nucleus breeding, medical studies have pointed out that the cold virus and the virus will activate the latent love Dental Tips in the virus, in other words, when the body's immune system abnormalities, these viruses will be particularly active, ulcers will be significantly worse.

Stress and hormone

Experts believe that, because modern life stress, mental stress, which is a kind of oral ulcers are caused by lifestyle "diseases of civilization." In fact, according to the doctor's clinical observations, there are a number of oral ulcers in patients after the onset of fatigue.

In addition, oral ulcers also been linked to genetic, hormonal and other factors, such as women have pre-menstrual oral ulcer deterioration of menopausal women have elevated the case the phenomenon, but pregnant women are low incidence, these phenomena show that ulcers affected by the occurrence of hormonal changes.

Attention to diet and purge

Oral ulcers can occur in young and old to young is more common. Meanwhile, when the disease more associated with constipation, bad breath and so on.

Most people believe that oral ulcers in 7 days to 10 days to heal itself, the problem is that many of the patient's condition often appears repeatedly, good times and bad, thereby affecting the diet and living, so that patients are troubled, and even influence emotions.

To improve the recurrent oral ulcers should be noted that smooth bowel movements, adequate sleep, especially stool is the treatment of recurrent oral ulcers as part of the process can not be ignored.

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables can clear the stomach at the same time, due to oral ulcers may also be caused due to a lack of vitamin B2, can eat more vegetables and wheat germ, and vitamin B, C and zinc.

Oral ulcers are also considered to be physically weaker signal, so patients in the treatment process, should not be ignored enhance health, improve physical fitness. At the same time, oral ulcers, the patient felt if the body fatigue, it should check and understand the nutrition is balanced, adequate rest, and the amount of added vitamins and minerals.

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