Friday, 1 July 2011

What to pay attention extraction

What to pay attention extraction

Women's menstrual period is best not to extraction, because the body during menstruation, stress, weakened immune system, body and saliva plasminogen activating substances increased, blood coagulation is not easy to form blood clots. After extraction, the wound caused by contact with saliva, wound healing is slow, prone to bacterial infection and bleeding.

Best not to take birth control pills during the extraction, because the pill can increase the body's breakdown of fibrin. After extraction, the wound can not form at a good blood clots, wound infections caused by bacteria will take advantage and affect wound healing.

The first three months of pregnancy and six months later, is prone to miscarriage and premature birth time, so in this period of time not to extraction. A history of habitual abortion and premature birth who, during pregnancy the best non-extraction. To extraction, the best choice in between 3-6 months of pregnancy and should be 1-2 days before and after extraction, 10 mg daily intramuscular injection of progesterone, to eliminate the fear of tooth extraction to avoid miscarriage and premature birth.

Lactation extraction should be careful, because the extraction is generally to use of anesthetics, this time with the lactation anesthetic emulsion composition will be absorbed by children, the Dental Tips poor child growth and development of the nervous system. If the point to pull the best in the 72 hours after tooth extraction should not breast-feeding, and other basic metabolic anesthetic after 72 hours off after feeding.

According to the clinical data analysis confirmed that the 14th day of the menstrual cycle is the extraction of the best women's time. At this time the wound healed faster and better, less prone to bacterial infection, pain is relatively light. Therefore, the best choice for women in the menstrual extraction after 10 days is appropriate.

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