Friday, 22 July 2011

Careful removal of wisdom teeth

If only part of the eruption of wisdom teeth wisdom teeth can lead to the growth of forward tilt, which is caused by inflammation of surrounding tissue, the main reason for the crown, while lying flat, the growth of the teeth adjacent teeth more prone to caries, for repeatedly causing or has caused around the crown caries of adjacent teeth wisdom teeth, removal of the general proposition Dental Tips as soon as possible, removal of wisdom teeth around the teeth will not have much impact.

However, the following cases, removal of wisdom teeth to be careful:

1, there have been no pericoronitis wisdom teeth, can not rush to remove, but be sure to check regularly.

2, if the first or second molar tooth needs to do dentures, the best doctor to see if I can no longer replace the loss of righting a good wisdom teeth, so teeth can be well preserved.

3, when the teeth need correction, removal of the back teeth, it is best to not pulling wisdom teeth.

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