Saturday, 2 July 2011

BHow to scaling to be healthy?

BHow to scaling to be healthy?

A 28-year-old from Zhaoqing, a white working class, found himself two weeks ago, the phenomenon of bleeding with brushing, occasional bleeding gums usually, so look white to the dental clinic. In addition to recommending a doctor other than white scaling, did not do more to explain. White scaling is not clear how, go to ask a friend around, some people say scaling is scraped off the surface layer of the teeth, some say will lead to tooth scaling and knees, and said scaling teeth will increases, the loose teeth. White is very confused, do not know how good scaling?

First, patients need to understand what is "scaling." Scaling is to use ultrasonic scaling device to remove the tooth surface of the bacteria, plaque, pigments and other impurities, and the tooth surface for polishing, anti-tartar and plaque build again. The reason why white teeth will appear the phenomenon of bleeding, because calculus and soft dirt accumulates on the edge of irritation to the gums, teeth, gums, leading to congestion, they bleed easily when touched. Scaling to remove these external stimuli, the symptoms improved.

Many people think that scaling will cause weakness in the teeth, teeth increases and other issues, it is not. Larger teeth is only a visual impression, indicating already has periodontal disease, calculus led to gingival recession, by scaling to Dental Tips remove plaque, the plaque had been exposed to the occupied space, giving the teeth widened illusion. Scaling itself does not cause teeth larger, after the scaling should pay attention to cleanliness. Dental plaque caused by allergies but also because the result of gingival recession, exposed root after removal of calculus, there will be some allergy symptoms usually disappear about a week. Thus, after scaling the doctor will usually do some paste with desensitization, and desensitization toothpaste recommended to use within a week.

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