Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Will suffer from tooth decay toothache it?

There is a place of dental caries, the development process, gradually changing from shallow depth. Risk of dental caries in the beginning will not feel pain. Caries development close to the pulp will cause pain when, but often in the case of hot and cold sweet and sour stimuli causing pain. The development of dental caries caused by pulpitis, the pain is very intense. Pulpitis pain has several characteristics: First, spontaneous pain, in the absence of any stimulus (hot and cold sweet and sour), the occurrence of pain; Second pulpitis pain often at night, late at night can not sleep Third pulpitis pain pain Do not position the patient that is often not clear what caused the side or a tooth ache. Children and young people prone to tooth occlusal cavities, this is easier to find. The adults and the elderly prone to caries and root caries is difficult to find, to examination by a doctor, or even X-ray film needs to be determined.

If pulp inflammation is not improved. Pulpitis can cause the development of pulp death, medically known as pulp necrosis. Some patients in pain when taking antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, which is of no avail. Pulpitis pain, be sure to ask the doctor for Dental Tips treatment of dental pain. Some patients feel after a few days after toothache teeth hurt, and that good. In fact, this is the direction of pulpitis to pulp necrosis developed. After a period of time. Necrosis of the pulp and the pulp inside the bacterial toxins through the apical to the tooth root tip extensions, causing periapical inflammation, then also cause toothache. Apical inflammatory pain is characterized by a sense of teeth with float, can not bite, toothache position clear. Acute inflammation can sometimes be the root bone and gum tissue around the spread, causing swollen gums around the teeth.

Whether pulpitis or periapical inflammation, have acute and chronic phase. Acute severe pain, acute chronic phase can be shifted, the pain will ease, relieve; chronic phase shift can be acute, severe pain and seizures.

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