Monday, 11 July 2011

After wearing dentures should pay attention to what issues

In recent years, as people's awareness of oral health, tooth loss ratio year after the rising use of dentures, denture maintenance of naturally become issues of concern to many people.

After wearing dentures should pay attention to what the problem? The following will be based on the characteristics of various types of dentures introduced one by one. Fixed dentures small, so easy in the mouth habit.

However, a fixed bridge dentures and oral mucosa easy to plot between the possession of food debris, so pay special attention to scrubbing, if necessary, use a toothpick to carefully plot possession of food debris cleaned to maintain oral hygiene.

Also note that not bite with dentures excellent things. If there is pain, loosening, wear, etc. should promptly seek medical review, do not delay. Wearing dentures Dental Tips can be taken at any time, so take the first practice wearing the method, take the first mirror to wear may wear.

Wearing dentures, not too hard, not too much bite force can have its place, to clasp broken or deformed rabbit. Get dentures when the finger hook clasp, going against the wearing out gently into the direction, not too much force, so as to avoid slipping dentures, broken.

Just wear dentures, you should eat a little soft food. May be some not used to start, do not hurry, as long as every day wear, will soon adapt. Dentures easy to stay around the food residue, rinse after each meal should be removed, rinse.

Dentures should be brushed every day, do not wear should be soaked in cold water, do not soak in hot water or alcohol to rabbits deformation. Best to remove the dentures before going to sleep, especially when smaller dentures, loose dentures rabbit sleep after swallowing.

Dentures should not bite or something sticky excellent food, so as not to stress fracture or dislocation of the dentures after the bite worse. If you wear dentures after the pain is not timely, the doctor should be promptly repaired, do not wear can not be removed, not to repair.

Before the repair, even if not, should also be worn 2 or 3 hours, so that the site does not leave an imprint area on the gums, helping doctors to diagnose.

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