Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Outside the absorption causes tooth!

Absorption outside the pathogenesis of dental pathological tooth outer permanent absorption occurs in the roots, the incidence of many reasons, such as chronic apical abscess, apical granuloma can cause root resorption. Grown in the vicinity of the tumor or periapical cyst can occur while apical pressure shift absorption. Periodontitis with deep periodontal pockets when the tooth can produce absorption. Completely outside the absorption of impacted teeth or tooth to adjacent teeth can sometimes be oppressive or root crown absorption occurs. Replanted often due to severe root resorption and loss. Excessive bite force and for orthodontic treatment than the physiological limits of mechanical force, etc., can occur in most regions of the root absorption. Teeth outside the absorption In addition, normal adults without any reason, root resorption of permanent teeth, but this absorption is usually mild. Teeth Dental Tips outside the absorption absorption of a tooth neck and neck involving the absorption of the crown, also known as invasive absorption, it is not uncommon clinical occurrence, the absorption occurs in the epithelial attachment of the bottom of the inflammatory infiltration, the of absorption, root injury is delayed response. often small-scale damage from the surface into the pulp between the cementum and dentin areas of large-scale destruction.

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