Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Big gap teeth

Growth of the child's teeth with a certain regularity in the early deciduous occlusion, teeth bow oval, tightly packed teeth, usually no gap, with age, grew up in maxillary teeth the same size, dentition ago Department of the gradual emergence of extensive gap. Gap teeth out there, but also with permanent tooth development are closely related, jaw tooth development with the constant increase in size. Especially after the age of 5 before the sixth molar teeth and the eruption began to grow, jaw grow rapidly, the rapid expansion of the anterior gap. This space is conducive to the eruption of permanent teeth and arrangement, but not necessarily permanent teeth on the normal space, such as the permanent teeth is too large, even after the emergence of permanent teeth replace crowded. Although there is no gap Dental Tips teeth and sometimes the opposite column, but the permanent teeth and jaw development is normal, but large, tooth replacement can be arranged after normal.

After the formation of teeth are listed in the conduct of the growth and development continue to change. Generally part of the front teeth, 3 to 6 years old as the emergence of growth and development of dentition space, but not a certain type, commonly referred to as the growth gap. According to recent studies, but also in building a tooth in the deciduous teeth appeared timely clearance, and some always seamless. Another phenomenon is the teeth in the maxillary Rujian near and far appeared in the gap, commonly referred to as primate gap.

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