Saturday, 9 July 2011

Cavities "is really the worm in it?

Some people say: "I had a long cavities." Then, "cavities" really "bug" you? Caries commonly known as "cavities." Dental caries is a common one. "Cavities" and not "insects." However, many people lack knowledge of the mouth, suffering from dental caries, tooth there is a big hole, mistaken for a moth-eaten, so the decay of "cavities" or "decay," said.

Some quacks of the community get money, easy juggling trick to deceive the patient. In rural areas are often some of the deceptive quacks, children with pepper seeds or onion, leek seeds children in a burning fire, which burned out the hearts of children, much like Dental Tips small insects, by the time people do not pay attention, from the patients mouth out, said tooth worms. This is purely a lie a lie, cavities where insects do not grow.

In fact, dental caries is not a worm to bore, but rather by certain bacteria (Streptococcus mutans is a major, followed by lactic acid bacteria) due to the role. These bacteria to the mouth of the carbohydrate fermentation acids. This acidic substance to the tooth demineralization, tooth damage only organic matter, and finally to form a hole in the tooth. Of course, the incidence of dental caries, tooth development also adversely, arranged in crowded, saliva composition and quantity are related. In general, sugar more people have the opportunity to dental caries than sugar and fewer people (due to the food of our people is the main component of sugar) to be more.

Relatively slow development of dental caries, often take several months or longer before they develop to a certain depth and the formation of caves, going to affect the pain occurs only when the pulp tissue. Therefore, the adult to the hospital each year 1, children 6 months checking every 1 second, to timely treatment, this time as found early, the teeth are lighter than normal extent of the damage, in most cases not to the treatment with to difficulties.

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